Brandon Freels

BJF is an anarcho-surrealist from Portland, Oregon.

jeff crouch

Jeff Crouch is an internet artist. Google him.

farida samerkhanova

Farida Samerkhanova lives in Toronto, Ontario. Her native language is Tatarian, her second language is Russian and English is her third, and has become her passion. She writes in English, but there are poems that appear in English and Russian. They are not translations – they come to her mind in both languages, it just happens.

andrew abbot

about:andrew abbott

john moore williams

John Moore Williams is a poet working in visual and verbal strains. He has authored three chapbooks so far: I discover i is an android (Trainwreck Press, 2008), writ10 (VUGG Books, 2008) and, with Matina L. Stamatakis, Xenomorphia (Wheelhouse, 2009). Poems have appeared in such journals as Word for/ Word, Shampoo, Otoliths, BlazeVox, Fieralingue, Wheelhouse, Turntable + Blue Light, The New Post-Literate and ditch, among others. He posts work regularly at

Why text?
Because text is fundamental to thinking, and yet, is generally designed so as to efface itself and its unique characteristics. Upon seeing text the mind almost autonomically scans it, receiving its content as if it had passed through a medium of pure transparency. My hope is to make both the semic and visual elements of text simultaneously visible, and to make the visual experience of the text inform and transmute the lexical content.

while wandering the digital desert…

I found:

1. ambient fish: Caroline Bergvall’s online flash project after one of the poems in Goan Atom. This was stumbled upon on at the electronic poetry centre page, which is surprising because so few of those links ever work. I’m not certain if the clipped audio is intentional or my computer begging for a flash update but I played it through a few times. I’m addicted to Bergvall’s voice.

2. vOw(h)e(e)ls for John Riddell; vOw(h)e(e)ls 2: Two flash poems (1998) by Neil Hennessy located on UbuWeb. I’m sure this and ambient fish aren’t new to most of you, but still, probably worth another look.

3. Dreamlife of Letters: By Brian Kim Stefans. Another one you’re likely familiar with and worth another visit. Also good for clicking about in: Chapter E from Eunoia, One Letter At A Time.

4. The Tolerance Project: Rachel Zolf’s latest project is a collaborative MA in Creative Writing. 70 or so writers donated a poem to the project. The poems will be stripped and recombined to generate new poems. Each donated poem is assigned a barcode that will appear alongside the final collaborative poem in which a line appears. Critiques by classmates and instructors will also be included with the posted poems. Follow along.

5. Suggestions? Many of these links are fairly old. Know of new ones? email me.


carlyle baker

carlyle baker      long-time communist agitator,
holds many upper and lower case alphabits,
looks forward to upcoming world tour,
please contact on tuesdays and thursdays only.